Research and Collaboration

ICD's strong commitment to research and development on cancer studies and diagnostics relies on a network of highly trained local and international expertise. The ICD concentrates mainly on biomedical and public health research. Studies on cancer research have been associated primarily but not limited to the following

  • Cancer gene characterization
    Being a histo-pathology based laboratory, the use of morphological markers for the accurate identification of tumour is the basis of our cancer gene characterization and classification work. Continued and extensive research in this field ensures that more cancer genes are identified and categorized for the accurate diagnosis of current and future patients.
  • Cancer prevalence studies
    The purpose of this study will be to assess the prevalence and projection of cancer as of today and as a threat for the future. Based on the specific statistical models and studies, the projection can help assist current as well as future cancer prevalence, plan and prepare the cost estimation and medical attention/services required for future cancer patients. The study will also be able to assess behavioural factors of current cancer patients.
  • Environmental and other risks assessments associated with cancer
    This study will aim to conduct a risk assessment analysis on the major contributing factors that affect cancer patients. Risk assessments have been influential and vital fundamentals for human survival. Such studies will hopefully help assist in the following (and many more) analyses regarding cancer associated risks.
  • Prioritization of factors dependant on their level of risk
  • Discovering and assessing new and exotic risks
  • Risk based policy/standard making
  • Setting regulatory and exposure limits to certain risks (Department of Health and Ageing and enHealth Council, 2002 p.12)

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