About Us

Intrepid Cancer Diagnostics (ICD) Pvt. Ltd is a specialized diagnostic company focused on delivering accurate, cost effective and timely cancer diagnostic services to the people of Nepal. Based at Thapathali, Kathmandu ICD is a joint venture between Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd and Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund working in close technical collaboration with the Department of Pathology at Maasstad Hospital (the Netherlands).

ICD hopes to fulfill lack of sufficient cancer diagnostic centres in Nepal by providing state of the art, sophisticated and well equipped laboratory with dedicated national and international experts. We specialize in histo-pathology1 based cancer diagnostic services with an array of comprehensive immunohistochemical2 cancer markers for cancer diagnosis; we are also integrating tele-diagnostic3 services between ICD and Maasstad Hospital (the Netherlands) for delivering precise cancer diagnosis in Nepal.

ICD also aims is to conduct baseline epidemiological and biomedical research studies on various prevalent cancers in Nepal as part of providing effective tools and information to fight against cancer.

1 - a branch of pathology concerned with the tissue changes characteristic of disease

2 - of or relating to the application of histochemical and immunologic methods to chemical analysis of living cells and tissues

3 - determination of the nature of a disease at a site remote from the patient on the basis of transmitted telemonitoring data or closed-circuit television consultation.

Staff Profile

Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund

Egbert van der Pol Board Member - Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund

Egbert van der Pol has a biology degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands. He served as consultant to the World Bank in India and Indonesia for many years. A frequent visitor to Nepal over the past forty years, Egbert is one of the initiators of Intrepid Cancer Diagnostics and a Board Member of the Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund.

Cas de Stoppelaar Board Member - Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund

After graduating in biology from Leiden University (the Netherlands) in 1974, Cas de Stoppelaar worked on insects around the Everest region for his Masters degree. Thereon, spending a few years trekking the high mountains of Nepal, Cas co-founded Summit Trekking in 1975 followed by the Summit Hotel in 1978. Since 1996 after being appointed Consul General of Nepal to the Netherlands, Cas has actively promoted numerous scientific and economic activities in Nepal.

Eelco Dijk Chairperson - Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund

Eelco Dijk is a law graduate from the Amsterdam Free-University and an avid adventurer. He was a successful member of the 1977 Annapurna 1 expedition team and a frequent visitor to Nepal. Eelco is co-owner at the Summit Hotel and has now setup ties with several business enterprises and entrepreneurs in Nepal. Currently, he serves as Chairperson of the Board of Stichting Dutch Cancer Diagnostic Development Fund.

Department of Pathology, Maasstad Hospital

Dr. Mike Kliffen Consulting Pathologist- Maasstad Hospital Pathology Department

Dr. Mike Kliffen specialized in Ophthalmology from the Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam. His PhD thesis focused on age-related muscular degeneration after which he specialized in pathology, and has actively worked in the field since 1996. Dr. Kliffens' illustrious folio includes five years at the Erasmus University Hospital and seven years as Head Pathologist at the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Centre. Since 2007, Dr. Kliffen has served as director; head pathologist of the Department of Pathology and Vice-President of the medical board at Maasstad Hospital.

Dr. Henk Beerman Consultant Pathologist -Maasstad Hospital Pathology Department

A medicine graduate from the University of Groningen, Dr. Henk Beerman worked for the Netherlands Antilles Department of Gynecology for 6 years before specializing in Pathology from the University of Leiden. He received his PhD on breast cancer in 1991 followed by work at Rotterdam based cancer hospital DDHK for two years. Since 1993, Henk has been involved as head of the pathology department at Zuider Ziekenhuis (hospital). In 1995 Henk became CEO of a private laboratory Cytochem Patho-Biology Research. Upon the merger of Zuider Ziekenhuis, Henk has since worked at the Maasstad Ziekenhuis.

Intrepid Cancer Diagnostics, Nepal

Dibesh Karmacharya Chairperson, Intrepid Cancer Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd

Dibesh Karmacharya graduated in conservation biology from Wayne State College (US). He worked extensively in the US for Caliper Lifesciences in New Jersey as a research associate (transgenic animal models) and further promoted the Genomics and Proteomics arena at GE Healthcare. He co-founded (International Director) the Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN), a wildlife genetics research centre and is the Executive Director at Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd, a molecular diagnostics based Biotechnology Company. He is currently the Principal Investigator for the Nepal Tiger Genome Project (NTGP) and Snow Leopard Genetics Research. Mr. Karmacharya has published papers on conservation genetics, HIV/AIDS, molecular diagnosis and also has comprehensive experience in setting modern laboratories in developing countries like Nepal.

Prachanda Man Shakya Founder CEO - Intrepid Cancer Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd

Prachanda Man shakya has an IT background with an MBA degree. He has teaching experience of over 10 years and is thoroughly experienced at marketing and management in big corporate houses. He is the co-founder of Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal and CEO at Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sameer M. Dixit Director of Research, Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Sameer M Dixit, PhD, has postgraduate degrees in Immunology and Biotechnology and a Doctorate from universities in Australia. Previously having worked as Assistant Professor in Biotechnology at Kathmandu University, he is currently the Founding Country Director of Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) and Founding Director of Research and Academics at Intrepid Nepal (INPL). He has published internationally and nationally in the area of human public health and has co-edited an international book publication on Probiotic-gut microbiota interactions. He is involved in research into noncommunicable as well as communicable diseases of public health importance at CMDN and INPL. Dr. Dixit's primary interest is generating relevant and reliable evidence in clinical epidemiology to aid Nepal Government and relevant stakeholders develop effective policies in the public health sector.

Rajesh Man Rajbhandari Director - Community support and Social Marketing, Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Rajesh Man Rajbhandari is the founding Director of Program and Finance at Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) and Intrepid Nepal Pvt Ltd (INPL). In the position of Program Director, he has had several years of working experience in various fields of social development and Public health research. With his background in Social Science and Management he has played a pivotal role in all public health research carried out by CMDN/INPL. His specialties include coordination and collaboration with governmental, non-governmental, private and public institutes in social science research as well as social marketing.

Dr. Bandana Sigdel Senior Pathologist, Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Senior Pathologist Dr. Bandana Sigdel currently serves as Chair of Pathology Department at Patan Academy of Health Sciences. She has undergone fellowship training in Gynaecological Pathology from St. James's University Hospital in Leeds (UK) and has also done immunohistochemistry training from Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). She has published articles in the Journal of Pathologists of Nepal.